This document provides instructions for the installation and use of the NVIDIA Accelerated Linux Driver Set. Chapter 1, Selecting and Downloading the NVIDIA Packages for Your System, Chapter 2, Installing the NVIDIA Driver and Chapter 3, Configuring X for the NVIDIA Driver walk the user through the process of downloading, installing and configuring the driver. Chapter 4, Frequently Asked Questions addresses frequently asked questions about the installation process, and Chapter 5, Common Problems provides solutions to common problems.

In case additional information is required, Chapter 6, NVIDIA Contact Info provides contact information for NVIDIA Linux driver resources, and Chapter 7, Additional Resources provides a brief listing of external resources.

It is assumed that the user has at least a basic understanding of Linux techniques and terminology. However, Chapter 8, Tips for New Linux Users provides details on parts of the installation process that new users may find helpful.

Additional information is presented in several Appendices. These include supported hardware and system requirements, comprehensive lists of options for various utilities associated with the driver, setup details for specific configurations, and advanced topics and features.