Chapter 20. Using the Proc Filesystem Interface

You can use the /proc filesystem interface to obtain run-time information about the driver and any installed NVIDIA graphics cards.

This information is contained in several files in /proc/driver/nvidia. When using multiple NVIDIA kernel modules, the files will be split up in separate directories /proc/driver/nvidia/[0-7], with one directory per NVIDIA kernel module.


Lists the installed driver revision and the version of the GNU C compiler used to build the Linux kernel module.


The NVIDIA graphics driver tries to detect potential problems with the host system's kernel and warns about them using the kernel's printk() mechanism, typically logged by the system to /var/log/messages.

Important NVIDIA warning messages are also logged to dedicated text files in this /proc directory.


Provide information about each of the installed NVIDIA graphics adapters (model name, IRQ, BIOS version, Bus Type). Note that the BIOS version is only available while X is running.