NVIDIA Horizon View Clients Download

After downloading the View Client, please refer to the installation document for assistance.

Operating system

Client version

Release date

Download link

Windows 64-bitversion 4.0.03/22/2016Download
Windows 32-bitversion 4.0.03/22/2016Download
Max OS Xversion 4.0.03/22/2016Download
Linux 64-bitversion 4.0.03/22/2016Download
Linux 32-bitversion 4.0.03/22/2016Download
Android x86version 4.0.03/22/2016Download
Android ARMversion 4.0.03/22/2016Download
iOSversion 4.0.03/16/2016Download
Chrome OSversion 4.0.03/16/2016Download
Client for Windows - ARMversion 4.0.03/22/2016Download
Additional Horizon Clients can be found on the VMWware Horizon Clients download web page.
The official VMWware Horizon Clients documentation can be found on the VMWare web site.