Data Fields
VdpPictureInfoH264Predictive Struct Reference

Picture parameter information for an H.264 Hi444PP picture. More...

#include <vdpau.h>

Data Fields

VdpPictureInfoH264 pictureInfo
H.264 bitstream

Copies of the H.264 bitstream fields.

uint8_t qpprime_y_zero_transform_bypass_flag
uint8_t separate_colour_plane_flag

Detailed Description

Picture parameter information for an H.264 Hi444PP picture.

Note: VDPAU clients must use VdpPictureInfoH264Predictive to describe the attributes of a frame being decoded with VDP_DECODER_PROFILE_H264_HIGH_444_PREDICTIVE.

Note: software drivers may choose to honor values of qpprime_y_zero_transform_bypass_flag greater than 1 for internal use.

Field Documentation

VdpPictureInfoH264 VdpPictureInfoH264Predictive::pictureInfo
uint8_t VdpPictureInfoH264Predictive::qpprime_y_zero_transform_bypass_flag

0 - lossless disabled 1 - lossless enabled

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoH264Predictive::separate_colour_plane_flag

0 - disabled 1 - enabled

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