Data Fields
VdpPictureInfoVC1 Struct Reference

Picture parameter information for a VC1 picture. More...

#include <vdpau.h>

Data Fields

VdpVideoSurface forward_reference
VdpVideoSurface backward_reference
uint32_t slice_count
uint8_t picture_type
uint8_t frame_coding_mode
uint8_t deblockEnable
uint8_t pquant
VC-1 bitstream

Copies of the VC-1 bitstream fields.

uint8_t postprocflag
uint8_t pulldown
uint8_t interlace
uint8_t tfcntrflag
uint8_t finterpflag
uint8_t psf
uint8_t dquant
uint8_t panscan_flag
uint8_t refdist_flag
uint8_t quantizer
uint8_t extended_mv
uint8_t extended_dmv
uint8_t overlap
uint8_t vstransform
uint8_t loopfilter
uint8_t fastuvmc
uint8_t range_mapy_flag
uint8_t range_mapy
uint8_t range_mapuv_flag
uint8_t range_mapuv
uint8_t multires
uint8_t syncmarker
uint8_t rangered
uint8_t maxbframes

Detailed Description

Picture parameter information for a VC1 picture.

Note: References to bitstream fields below may refer to data literally parsed from the bitstream, or derived from the bitstream using a mechanism described in the specification.

Field Documentation

VdpVideoSurface VdpPictureInfoVC1::backward_reference

Reference used by B frames. Set to VDP_INVALID_HANDLE when not used.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::deblockEnable

Out-of-loop deblocking enable. Bit 0 of POSTPROC from VC-1 Note that bit 1 of POSTPROC (dering enable) should not be included.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::dquant

See VC-1 6.2.8.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::extended_dmv

See VC-1 6.2.14.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::extended_mv

See VC-1 6.2.7.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::fastuvmc

See VC-1 6.2.6.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::finterpflag

See VC-1 6.1.11.

VdpVideoSurface VdpPictureInfoVC1::forward_reference

Reference used by B and P frames. Set to VDP_INVALID_HANDLE when not used.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::frame_coding_mode

Progressive=0, Frame-interlace=2, Field-interlace=3; see VC-1

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::interlace

See VC-1 6.1.9.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::loopfilter

See VC-1 6.2.5.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::maxbframes

See VC-1 J.1.17. Only used by simple and main profiles.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::multires

See VC-1 J.1.10. Only used by simple and main profiles.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::overlap

See VC-1 6.2.10.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::panscan_flag

See VC-1 6.2.3.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::picture_type

I=0, P=1, B=3, BI=4 from

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::postprocflag

See VC-1 6.1.5.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::pquant

Parameter used by VC-1 Annex H deblocking algorithm. Note that VDPAU implementations may choose which deblocking algorithm to use. See VC-1

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::psf

See VC-1 6.1.3.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::pulldown

See VC-1 6.1.8.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::quantizer

See VC-1 6.2.11.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::range_mapuv
uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::range_mapuv_flag

See VC-1 6.2.16.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::range_mapy
uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::range_mapy_flag

See VC-1 6.12.15.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::rangered

VC-1 SP/MP range reduction control. Only used by simple and main profiles. Bit 0: Copy of rangered VC-1 bitstream field; See VC-1 J.1.17. Bit 1: Copy of rangeredfrm VC-1 bitstream fiels; See VC-1 7.1.13.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::refdist_flag

See VC-1 6.2.4.

uint32_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::slice_count

Number of slices in the bitstream provided.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::syncmarker

See VC-1 J.1.16. Only used by simple and main profiles.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::tfcntrflag

See VC-1 6.1.10.

uint8_t VdpPictureInfoVC1::vstransform

See VC-1 6.2.9.

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