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VdpCSCMatrix; CSC Matrix Manipulation
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Data Structures

struct  VdpProcamp
 Procamp operation parameterization data. More...


 ITU-R BT.601. More...
 ITU-R BT.709. More...
 SMPTE-240M. More...


typedef float VdpCSCMatrix[3][4]
 Storage for a color space conversion matrix. More...
typedef uint32_t VdpColorStandard
 YCbCr color space specification. More...
typedef VdpStatus VdpGenerateCSCMatrix(VdpProcamp *procamp, VdpColorStandard standard, VdpCSCMatrix *csc_matrix)
 Generate a color space conversion matrix. More...

Detailed Description

When converting from YCbCr to RGB data formats, a color space conversion operation must be performed. This operation is parameterized using a "color space conversion matrix". The VdpCSCMatrix is a data structure representing this information.

Macro Definition Documentation


ITU-R BT.601.


ITU-R BT.709.




Typedef Documentation

typedef uint32_t VdpColorStandard

YCbCr color space specification.

A number of YCbCr color spaces exist. This enumeration defines the specifications known to VDPAU.

typedef float VdpCSCMatrix[3][4]

Storage for a color space conversion matrix.

Note that the application may choose to construct the matrix content by either:

The color space conversion equation is as follows:

\[ \left( \begin{array}{c} R \\ G \\ B \end{array} \right) = \left( \begin{array}{cccc} m_{0,0} & m_{0,1} & m_{0,2} & m_{0,3} \\ m_{1,0} & m_{1,1} & m_{1,2} & m_{1,3} \\ m_{2,0} & m_{2,1} & m_{2,2} & m_{2,3} \end{array} \right) * \left( \begin{array}{c} Y \\ Cb \\ Cr \\ 1.0 \end{array} \right) \]

typedef VdpStatus VdpGenerateCSCMatrix(VdpProcamp *procamp, VdpColorStandard standard,VdpCSCMatrix *csc_matrix)

Generate a color space conversion matrix.

[in]procampThe procamp adjustments to make. If NULL, no adjustments will be made.
[in]standardThe YCbCr color space to convert from.
[out]csc_matrixThe CSC matrix to initialize.
VdpStatus The completion status of the operation.